Paw House mobile app

UX/UI Design

2-3 Weeks

About the brand:
Paw House Adoption Network started as a Facebook page in 2012 that shared multiple available adoptions from various shelters on social media.

Problem Statement

The page has been running for eight years now, and the number of available adoptions has increased significantly. The page gets overwhelmed with responses and questions from the public and can’t keep up.
One of the most common problems that the page faces is that once an adoption has been completed, the shared post by other groups/pages doesn’t get taken down and more enquiries for the same adoption comes through.

The Solution

Design a website and mobile app that can allow multiple adoption agencies to post their available adoptions on the site. Users would then be able to see the following:

– Available adoptions in their area
– Filter adoptions according to a person’s needs
– In-progress adoptions

The user would also be able to share the available adoptions on social media, and once the adoption has been completed, the shared link would become unavailable.


To get started, I have reached out to multiple adoption agencies and ask them the following question: What struggles do they face when posting about online adoption?

– They would get enquiries about already adopted animals
– Animals would return back to the shelter as they weren’t getting along with their new environment
– Location was a problem as well when enquiring about an available adoption.

User Persona

Dany has been looking for the perfect dog for her home for the last two months but has been unsuccessful. Her goal is to find a medium or a small female dog that has been house trained. Dany is worried that she will not find a dog in her location and that the adoption fees are too high.

Customer Journey Map

Dany decides to download the application on her mobile phone. She is feeling stressed, overwhelmed and worried that the search for her perfect companion will take forever. After successfully creating her account, the app opens up with a filter page to enter the type of breed, age, gender and location she wants.

While browsing the app, Dany finds the perfect dog, Milo, and fills in the application forms. The app notifies Dany that the application has been received and can start to track the adoption in the progress section. After one day, Dany gets a notification that her application has was approved and that the next step would be for the shelter to do a home check.

The app notifies Dany that her home is approved and the next step would be to arrange a meet and greet with her and Milo. Dany is pleased with her choice and proceeds with the next step, the payment. Once Dany has made the payment, she can to arrange a date and time to pick Milo up.

User Flow

The aim of the user flow is to make the navigation and adoption process as easy as possible for both the user and the agency.


Visual System


Next Steps

The next step in this project would be to improve the filter page section and to give the users more options when using the filter page. For example, entering keywords such as hypoallergenic, cat-friendly to help narrow the results.