Deco Shopping App

UX/UI Design

4 Weeks

About the brand:
The Deco store opened in Pretoria, 2018. The store is established to only sell decor/art pieces made by local designers in South Africa.

Problem Statement

The Deco shop has been closed for six months now due to the ongoing global pandemic, COVID-19. With the store being closed, local designers are unable to sell their products an make a living.

The Solution

Design a mobile application or website for the store where the artist would be able to sell their pieces and upload new ones.


I have interviewed a few individuals who only uses online shopping and asked them the following questions:

1. What devices would they use to access an online store?
2. What fears and worries do they have, and what could prevent them from using this online store again?

Most of these individuals prefer to do their shopping on their mobile device because it feels more convenient. When it comes to their fears and worries, some individuals want a delivery guarantee to ensure they get their order. The individuals also like to use a review or rating system to help them decide when purchasing an item.

Customer Journey Map

UX Metrics (HEART Framework)